Here are just a few of Alp Analytica's past and current partners:

We are working on a major report on the links between resources and human mobility for the International Resource Panel of the UN (forthcoming 2022).

We are developing a report on peace operations, environmental degradation and resource scarcity for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

We did a major study with E3G on the ways that international organisations are dealing with climate risks in their own operations and long-term planning.

We produced a number of climate security risk briefs and studies - on Afghanistan, North Africa and the Sahel and the Lake Chad Region.

We wrote a report for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency's Unit on Peace and Human Security on Sweden's work in the Environment-Climate-Peace-Security Nexus, in order to advance their integration of the ECPS nexus at the portfolio and strategic level.

We developed a report on nature based solutions for smart, sustainable and resilient cities with UNEP and UNDP in support of the Italian Presidency of the G20.